Pat Conroy

Arts and Humanities
9:00 am
Wed November 6, 2013

The Death of Santini: Pat Conroy at Kentucky Author Forum

Pat Conroy's  new book delves into his past, furthering the account of family struggle, expanding on the story of his father, the inspiration for his novel, The Great Santini.  In the forward, he states, “I’ve been writing the story of my own life for over forty years. My own stormy autobiography has been my theme, my dilemma, my obsession, and the fly-by-night dread I bring to the art of fiction.”  With both his parents now deceased, Conroy is able to view them with a bit more detachment, appreciating some redeeming qualities in his father, Marine Corps Colonel Don Conroy, and mother, Peg Conroy Egan.

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