Patrick Wensink

Arts and Humanities
7:00 am
Thu June 20, 2013

Unbound: Patrick Wensink and Gwenda Bond on 'Bad Luck'

In each episode of Unbound, we hear stories from two different authors on a theme. Today’s episode is about luck. We’d like to think we’re entirely in control of our destinies, but fortune doesn’t smile equally on everyone. 

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Arts and Humanities
5:49 pm
Mon July 23, 2012

'Nicest Cease and Desist Letter' Boosts Novelist's Sales

Cover for Broken Piano for President

The Brown-Forman Corporation, which owns Jack Daniel's whiskey, among many other liquor brands, is claiming local author Patrick Wensink has violated the company's trademark.

This could have been a classic David vs. Goliath story, in which corporate lawyers threaten to squash a struggling novelist. But in this case, it seems Goliath would rather take David out for a friendly drink.

Wensink got the letter from Brown-Forman's attorneys on July 12.

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Arts and Humanities
3:53 pm
Wed May 30, 2012

Novelist Creates Own Drinking Game at Readings

courtesy of Patrick Wensink

Louisville author Patrick Wensink has discovered one simple strategy to help people pay attention during book tour readings. He’s made a drinking game out of his.

“I’ve always felt like the worst part of a book reading is the book reading,” says Wensink. “I’m as guilty as anybody. I’ve sort of zoned out in the past and haven’t paid attention to every word.”

Wensink hands out a list of six words before he reads an excerpt from his new novel. Every time he reads one of the key words, everyone (author included) takes a sip.

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