11:25 pm
Mon January 27, 2014

JCPS Suspends 10% Fewer Students, but More Information is Needed to Know What's Working

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Suspensions are down this year in Jefferson County Public Schools, but officials warn the district needs more proof before saying what works.

African American students make up the bulk of those suspensions (about two-thirds). But data presented to the school board Monday night suggests the group saw a decrease of around 10 percent in the first four months of this school year, which is on par with white students.

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1:36 pm
Wed November 27, 2013

JCPS School Board Members Getting More Complaints About Classroom Behavior

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Some Jefferson County school board members say they’ve received more calls this year than in the past regarding disruptive classroom behavior—and board members are concerned the district’s discipline policy is being interpreted differently by principals.

“By no means am I getting lots and lots of concerns, but I’m getting more this year than I have ever had before from parents about students in a number of schools, in a number of kinds of situations,” says board member Debbie Wesslund, who represents neighborhoods in the East End.

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5:58 pm
Mon August 19, 2013

The First Days of School: Building Community, Expectations, Connections

Sarah Hodges says she'll spend the first days of school teaching behavioral expectations.

Greenwood Elementary School teacher Sarah Hodges sits in one of her student’s desks. Her room is clean, organized and it smells like the new air freshener she just opened.

I ask her how long it takes for everything to be messed up.

"About an hour," she says.

Inside the neatly packed folders on the students' desks are important papers they need to take home to their families. This includes the district's new Code of Conduct, which lays out the behavioral expectations for students.  

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