12:38 pm
Wed February 13, 2013

Senate Committee Backs Bill Requiring Kentucky Medicaid Providers to Publish Prescription Prices

Credit Melanie Tata/Creative Commons

A bill requiring Kentucky Medicaid managed care operators publish a list of prescriptions and reimbursement prices on Wednesday passed a state Senate committee, following prodding from  independent pharmacists asking for access to pricing standards before they fill prescriptions.

The group of independent pharmacists told lawmakers that they are still having trouble with reimbursements from the state's Medicaid managed care operators. And they said they were also still being dramatically undercut on prescription reimbursements when they did receive them.

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9:00 am
Sun November 4, 2012

New Rule Continues Medicaid Burden on Independent Pharmacists

A recent decision on drug co-pays by a statewide Medicaid operator has independent pharmacists upset -- again.

In January, complaints from a group of pharmacists drew attention to problems in Kentucky’s Medicaid managed care system.

Back then, they were angry over a lack of co-pays on drugs. Now, managed care operator Coventry Cares has reversed course, claiming it will now charge co-pays.

But in doing so, Kentucky pharmacist Jason Wallace said the managed care operators are just moving money around, not actually compensating pharmacists any better than before.

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