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3:34 pm
Fri November 30, 2012

Report On Indiana Raw Milk Study Released

The Indiana Board of Animal Health has released a report on its study on the sale of raw or unpasteurized milk for human consumption.

The Indiana General Assembly ordered the study amid a growing chorus of calls for the legalization of raw milk sales in the Hoosier State.

Advocates say unpasteurized milk contains nutrients that are destroyed by the heating process required by state law, and the raw product tastes better.

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7:30 am
Thu August 30, 2012

Food Safety vs Dietary Choice: The Raw Milk Argument

Mike Dixxon (left), picks up his weekly supply of raw milk from dairy farmer Gary Oaks.

The debate over unpasteurized, or raw milk has been heating up in recent months. Those who drink it tout its nutritional benefits, but government health officials warn that consuming raw milk is not worth the risk of contracting a dangerous food-borne illness.

One day a week, in a church parking lot in Lexington, dairy farmer Gary Oaks hands out glass bottles of raw milk from of the bed of his pickup. It’s milk that goes directly from the cow to the bottle and then is quickly refrigerated. About forty people will stop by to collect their orders.

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8:30 am
Mon August 27, 2012

Virtual Hearing On Indiana Raw Milk Debate Closes This Week

A virtual public hearing on the possible legalization of unpasteurized milk sales in Indiana is winding down this week.

This summer, residents have been invited to submit on-line comments to a committee of the Indiana Board of Animal Health.

The panel will then make recommendations to the Indiana General Assembly on ways it could regulate the product for human consumption.

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3:11 pm
Tue May 29, 2012

Indiana Begins Gathering Input for Raw Milk Study

Indiana officials begin gathering online input this week for a study on the sale of raw milk. The information will be turned to the 2013 General Assembly. 

Current Indiana law prohibits the sale of milk that has not been pasteurized. But its proponents say raw milk from pasture-fed animals contains beneficial nutrients depleted by the process and should be available for sale.

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3:43 pm
Tue May 22, 2012

Indiana Agency Gathering Information For Raw Milk Study

From the Associated Press:

An Indiana agency conducting a study on the sale of raw milk is asking state residents to weigh in. 

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health is planning a virtual public hearing from June 1st through Sept. 1st, when people can express their thoughts.

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