Ryan McGinness

3:37 pm
Fri May 18, 2012

Arts Overview for Weekend of 5/18/12

Friday afternoon on Byline, we wrapped up the hour as usual with WFPL’s Arts & Humanities reporter Erin Keane talking about arts in the news and some local arts events to consider this weekend.

Literature fans will enjoy the Festival of Writing from Spalding University, as well as a writing collaboration between Silas House and Nela Vaswani.

Arts and Humanities
4:25 pm
Thu May 17, 2012

Painter Explores Advertising Influence in 21C Lecture

From the Women series by Ryan McGinness

The figures in artist Ryan McGinness’ “Women” series are flattened, graphic shapes, calling to mind both a Matisse painting and public signage, compelling in bold color and broad strokes.

“His work is exploring contemporary culture in a really compelling way, drawing on advertising and different kinds of visual iconography that we’re surrounded by, from both fine art and consumer culture,” says 21C Museum Hotel curator Alice Gray Stites.

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