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12:48 pm
Tue February 4, 2014

Watch the Ken Ham, Bill Nye Creationism/Evolution Debate Here

Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham and Science Guy Bill Nye are debating evolution and creationism tonight at 7 at Ham's Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.

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7:00 pm
Mon February 3, 2014

Q&A: Ken Ham Isn't Out to 'Change Bill Nye's Heart' During Creation/Evolution Debate in Kentucky

Ken Ham
Credit Wikipedia Commons

The highly publicized debate scheduled for Tuesday in Northern Kentucky between Creation Museum president Ken Ham and  science educator/television personality Bill Nye has sparked critics from both sides.  

Some scientists argue that Nye should not engage the topic of creationism; others say Ham needs the the press to raise money for the development of a Bible-themed amusement park.

Ham took a few moments recently to discuss the creationism vs. evolution debate.

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6:35 am
Sun October 6, 2013

Public Opposition to Kentucky's New Education Science Standards Delays Process for Creating Tests

Credit Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons: University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Public opposition to Kentucky's new science standards has delayed the process for creating student tests tailored to the new material, a state education official says.

The Kentucky Department of Education now plans to delay testing (or assessments) on the Next Generation Science Standards until 2016, at least,  the official says.

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4:57 pm
Wed September 11, 2013

Kentucky Committee Rejects New Science Standards; Beshear Will Override the Decision

Gov. Steve Beshear says he will override a legislative committee’s decision to reject new science standards that would have updated what Kentucky students should be learning in schools.

The Kentucky Board of Education already approved the Next Generation Science Standards this year, but the the state legislative committee had to also approve the changes.

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5:54 am
Tue August 20, 2013

Education Think-Tank Organization Cautions Against Science Standards

A Washington DC-based education think tank is warning states like Kentucky that the new science standards they're adopting are less effective than they could be.

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12:08 am
Fri September 21, 2012

IdeaFestival: Thursday Highlights

Peter Sims

When the organizers for IdeaFestival said that most events were sold out, they truly meant it. All of Thursday’s presentations were standing-room only.

Some highlights:

Peter Sims—Little Bets

When Kris Kimel introduced Sims, a best-selling author and entrepreneur, he said, “[Sims has] used the words ‘cool’ and ‘I love it’ and ‘awesome’ hundreds of times since he arrived in Louisville.” And indeed, Sims led his presentation with a discussion of Wednesday night’s dinner at Smoketown USA with Kevin Colleran, formerly of Facebook.

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