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Arts and Humanities
9:14 am
Mon April 14, 2014

Innovation Award Winner Says Collaboration Is the Future for Louisville Arts

Alison Huff with Allan Cowen, former president of the Fund for the Arts.
Credit Fund for the Arts

Working in the nonprofit arts world isn't for the weak. Competition is stiff - for the limited amount of public and private funding, for audience members, season subscribers and individual donors. But Alison Huff says working together, not against one another, is what's going to allow Louisville's arts community to grow and thrive in the future. 

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Arts and Humanities
10:02 am
Thu November 21, 2013

No Sophomore Slump for Slant Culture Theatre Festival

Gregory Maupin as Thomas Edison and Tony Dingman as Nicola Tesla in Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble's "On the Circuit."
Credit Sean Donaldson / Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble

The second annual Slant Culture Theatre Festival opened last week with a live-music launch party and kicked into high gear on Friday with multiple productions running in repertory in Walden Theatre. Each of the five producing partners — Walden, Savage Rose Classical Theatre, Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble, Theatre [502] and Louisville Improvisors — are staging a full production, in addition to about a dozen guest artists performing in and around the ten-day festival.

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Strange Fruit
1:35 pm
Sat November 16, 2013

Strange Fruit: 'Eenie Meanie' Examines Baby Boomer Racism & Louisville Busing Riots

"These buses came back from the West End with these little kids on them, and they were crying, there were windows knocked out. They had been beaten with baseball bats, they had been called every horrible racial name you can expect, right here in this town."

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Arts and Humanities
2:15 pm
Tue November 12, 2013

Slant Culture Theatre Festival Returns With Uncommon Works

Last year, five Louisville theater companies came together to put on what they call a festival of "uncommon works.”

Theatre [502], Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble, Savage Rose Classical Theatre, the Louisville Improvisors and Walden Theatre are teaming up again this year for the second annual Slant Culture Theatre Festival, which opens Thursday with a launch party at Walden Theatre featuring performances by Billy Goat Strut Revue, Sandpaper Dolls and Justin Paul Lewis, food by Grind Burger truck and assorted short theatrical performances. The festival runs through November 24. 

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Arts and Humanities
4:54 pm
Mon November 12, 2012

O Pioneers! The Slant Culture Theatre Festival Opens

The Slant Culture Theatre Festival opened over the weekend with a full slate of productions, workshops, special guests and events (read the overview). Five Louisville theater companies joined together to produce a repertory festival featuring five mainstage plays and about a dozen special events.

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Arts and Humanities
11:28 am
Mon November 5, 2012

Overview: Slant Culture Theatre Festival

In biology, a slant culture occurs when you tilt the test tube to maximize your potential area for cellular growth.

The producing companies of the Slant Culture Theatre Festival are taking a similar approach: by joining forces for an 11-day festival, they hope to create conditions—and a culture—that are favorable to growth for all of the performers and organizations.

Slant Culture opens at Walden Theatre Thursday and runs through Sunday, November 18. 

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