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7:29 am
Sun May 18, 2014

Charts: Kentucky State Funding to Colleges Since 1999

The clocktower at the University of Louisville's Belknap campus.
Credit Creative Commons

Earlier this month, we presented a chart showing tuition increases at Kentucky state colleges since 1980. It led to a good deal of attention because, well, tuition had increased substantially since the Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. Administration.

Some wondered also about  the state legislature's funding provided to state universities and colleges. Here's what that looks  from 1999 to the current academic year:

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2:19 pm
Fri April 4, 2014

Kentucky Public Schoolteachers' Pension System Still Underfunded in New State Budget

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An attorney with Kentucky’s public schoolteachers’ pensions says that the fund could run out in about 20 years if lawmakers don’t act.         

In the recently passed $20 billion state budget, lawmakers gave only half of  the requested amount to the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System, which provides pensions for the state’s public school teachers.

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3:29 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Gov. Pence Signs Indiana Budget Bill Into Law

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has signed the state's new two-year, $30 billion budget into law.

Pence says the plan includes $600 million a year in tax relief for Indiana residents and will boost investment in the state.

The budget approved April 27 by the Republican-led General Assembly includes a modest increase in school funding, new money for roads and highways and roughly $350 million in income tax cuts.

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8:38 am
Sat April 27, 2013

Indiana General Assembly Ends With Budget Approval

The Indiana General Assembly has approved a two-year, $30 billion budget that gives Gov. Mike Pence a partial victory in his quest for an income tax cut and restores some money cut from education and transportation.

Lawmakers worked into early Saturday to reach final agreement on the budget and other issues, including an expansion of the state's school voucher program and changes to sentencing laws that would require those convicted of the most serious crimes to spend more time in prison.

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2:45 pm
Thu March 21, 2013

Indiana Officials Seek More Funding for Schools, Roads

Indiana Schools Superintendent Glenda Ritz

Indiana School Superintendent Glenda Ritz and a small group of mayors are making their case for more funding from the state.

Ritz and members of the Indiana Association of Counties and Towns told the Senate Appropriations Committee today the state needs to spend more on schools and roads.

Gov. Mike Pence's budget included a marginal increase in school funding over the next two years while making room for a cut in the personal income tax cut. However, House Republicans rewrote the budget to spend more on roads and schools. It's now before the Senate.

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4:45 pm
Wed February 27, 2013

Pence Promises to Promote Tax Cut "Relentlessly"

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signs into law the first bill of the General Assembly to reach his desk
Indiana Governor's Office

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says he’s going to take lawmakers at their word that they’ll revisit his proposal for a ten-percent income tax cut later in the General Assembly session.

A state budget passed this week by the House does not include the tax cut, with the GOP-controlled chamber opting instead to boost spending on education and transportation.

But the first-term Republican governor says he’s been assured that a tax cut has not been taken off the table.  

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9:30 am
Mon February 25, 2013

Budget, Gaming Bills Among Many Moving Through Indiana Legislature

Credit File photo

A state budget and measures affecting schools and the gaming industry are on the long list of proposals still to be considered by the Indiana General Assembly.

The budget being crafted by GOP lawmakers who control the House does not include an income tax cut pushed by fellow Republican Gov. Mike Pence, but they say they’ll revisit Pence’s proposal after getting an updated economic forecast in April.

The plan would instead use the tax cut money to boost spending on education and transportation.

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4:31 pm
Tue January 15, 2013

Pence Budget Proposal Presented To Lawmakers

Gov. Mike Pence is asking lawmakers to spend most of Indiana's cash surplus on a 10 percent cut in the personal income tax.

Pence Budget Director Chris Atkins submitted a two-year spending plan Tuesday with a modest increase for the embattled Department of Child Services and 1 percent more spending for education.

But the new Republican governor limits spending growth in his roughly $29 billion budget to cover the $790 million cost of the tax cut.

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3:26 pm
Mon January 7, 2013

2013 Indiana General Assembly Begins With Calls for Focus on Education, Economy

State lawmakers returned to Indianapolis today for the start of their four-month session, which will include the drafting of a new state budget and consideration of Republican Gov.-elect Mike Pence’s proposed personal income tax cut.

With a new GOP supermajority in the House, Democrats don’t have the numbers in either chamber to hold up controversial legislation like they did last year during the bitter fight over a right-to-work bill.

But new House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath says that doesn’t mean his caucus will be silent.

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2:33 pm
Mon September 10, 2012

Flat Growth in State Budget Causing Some Concerns

State budget officials say they are paying close attention to revenue as the state budget sees a flat growth at the start of the fiscal year.

Budget director Mary Lassiter says in her monthly briefing that August revenues ticked up, helping make up 2 percent of losses in July. But that leaves revenues flat, while forecasters had expected an almost 3 percent growth this year.

Lassiter says while warning alarms aren’t going off yet, steady declines in income and sales taxes is giving her office causes for concern.