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10:57 am
Tue December 18, 2012

Rand Paul: Tim Scott Appointment Will Help GOP, Tea Party Among Black Voters

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul
Credit U.S. Senate

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., says the appointment of Congressman Tim Scott, R-S.C., to the Senate could help Republicans and the Tea Party among African-Americans.

Scott will succeed retiring Sen. Jim DeMint, who is leaving for the Heritage Foundation. The appointment will make Scott the only black senator in the chamber next year.

As observers note, Scott's prominence is due in large part to the Tea Party wave that elected him in 2010.

From NPR:

Scott touts a Tea Party message of drastically smaller government, and beyond that he has endeared himself to many conservatives with his willingness to criticize President Obama.

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7:35 am
Mon December 10, 2012

McConnell: Tea Party Has Been a 'Good Movement' for Republican Party

Credit File photo

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell says the Tea Party has been good for the Republican Party.

Critics of the Tea Party blame it for costing the GOP the majority in the U.S. Senate the past four years, citing high-profile losses in Delaware, Nevada and Indiana.

Last week, the leader of the Tea Party in the Senate, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, announced he was leaving to lead a think tank.

But McConnell says the Tea Party has done something important for the GOP -- it's energized the party.

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1:36 pm
Mon September 24, 2012

Report Shows Kentucky's Debt Continues to Increase

An annual report that describes the state’s financial outlook shows that Kentucky has once again gone deeper into debt.

The report, when compared with past years, shows the state added more than $110 million in debt during the last fiscal year.

Tea Party activist David Adams says that number shows that claims by Governor Steve Beshear that he’s balanced the budget 10 times are false.

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9:30 am
Sun August 26, 2012

Reports from Kentucky's Tea Party Rally

A Tea Party rally featuring Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul was held earlier this week in Frankfort to protest President Obama’s health care law. WFPL's Phillip Bailey and Kentucky Public Radio's Kenny Colston were there, and they joined us on Friday's Byline to let us know what they saw.  

3:33 pm
Tue August 21, 2012

At Rally, Paul Says Republicans Will Replace Health Care Law With 'Health Care for Everyone'

Kenny Colston Kentucky Public Radio

Kentucky’s two U.S. Senators say they both want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but wouldn’t elaborate on reforms to replace the measure. The senators headlined a Tea Party rally held today in Frankfort.

With about 300 people in attendance, this was Senator Mitch McConnell’s biggest Tea Party event to date, and his message wasn’t a surprise. Both he and Senator Rand Paul rallied the crowd around the idea of repealing the federal health care law, which they call "Obamacare."

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12:30 pm
Wed August 8, 2012

Rand Paul Says It's Unlikely He Would Serve in A Romney Administration

U.S. Senate

Despite speculation of greater ambitions, U.S. Senator Rand Paul is likely to stay in his current position if Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is elected this fall. 

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1:50 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Tea Party Joins Fight Between State and Christian Health-Sharing Group

A decades-long court fight between a Christian health organization and the Kentucky state government is drawing the ire of some Tea Party activists.

Christian Care MediShare allows people to sign up for accounts and pay into a shared fund, then draw money to pay medical expenses. The state Supreme Court has ruled that MediShare is an insurance company and is not allowed religious exemptions to state law. Despite that, the organization has not changed its operations in the commonwealth.  

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