8:00 am
Tue January 29, 2013

Retooled Louisville Tree App Focuses on Ash Trees

A few months ago, I reported that a new Metro Government app to encourage citizens to participate in cataloging the city’s tree canopy was available on iTunes. Now, the city’s tree commission has revamped the app, and changed its focus to ash trees.

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1:47 pm
Tue December 11, 2012

Louisville Adds 166 New Trees to Downtown, Replacing Some Lost to Wind, Drought

Workers from Action Landscape plant one of the new trees outside the Brown Hotel on Fourth Street.
Erica Peterson WFPL

Work has begun on replacing some of the dead trees and empty tree wells in Louisville’s downtown area.

There are more than 300 dead trees or vacant tree wells in downtown Louisville. Some of the trees fell victim to ice storms, some to strong winds, and some to drought. With money from Metropolitan Sewer District, Metro Government, the Louisville Downtown Management District and a donation from Tree Commission co-chair Henry Heuser Jr., 166 new trees will be planted over the next few weeks.

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8:30 am
Mon October 8, 2012

State Warns of Prime Wildfire Conditions Going Into Fall Season

The Kentucky Division of Forestry is preparing for a busy wildfire season in the wake of summer droughts.  There’s also a danger that debris from spring tornadoes has created more “ground fuel,” posing a greater threat to firefighters.

Despite recent rainfall, moderate drought conditions still exist in 50 counties in north central Kentucky.  In the far western part of the state, 25 counties remain under severe to extreme drought conditions.

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2:08 pm
Fri September 14, 2012

Louisville Uses Partnership to Increase Tree Canopy

A 2011 report says Louisville's tree canopy is around 27 percent.
Census Data Wikimedia Commons

A regional waste management company has partnered with Louisville Metro Government to help increase the city’s tree canopy over the next decade.

Ecotech will work with Louisville’s Tree Advisory Commission, which was formed by Mayor Greg Fischer last year to help maintain and add to the city’s tree canopy.

Fischer helped plant the first three trees Friday and over the next 10 years, Ecotech has committed to donating 1,000 trees through its 10,000 Trees Partnership.

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4:35 pm
Wed August 15, 2012

Air Pollution Control District Calls for Action on Local Heat


Louisville’s Air Pollution Control District is taking a look at Louisville’s rising temperature. In a meeting today, board members discussed the city’s declining tree cover and how a lack of protective legislation is contributing to the problem.

Louisville recently placed first on a list of fifty cities suffering from rising temperatures. Georgia Tech University Professor Brian Stone described the city as the “climate change center of the United States.” 

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5:26 pm
Wed August 1, 2012

New Metro Government Tree App Technically Available, But Not Yet Functional

A new smart phone app currently in development would allow Louisville residents to participate in cataloging the city’s trees—as well as create a wish lists of sorts for more trees in their neighborhoods.

The “Louisville Tree” app will eventually allow users to peruse interactive maps of the city, along with pinpoints marking the locations of different varieties of trees. There’s also a way to report dying or unsafe trees to the city.

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5:36 pm
Mon June 11, 2012

Grassroots Website Launches to Update Bowman Field Residents About Tree Proposal

According to Plea for the Trees, these massive oaks along Valletta Road in Seneca Gardens are threatened by the Bowman Field Proposal.
Michael Hayman Plea for the Trees

Residents living near Bowman Field have launched a new website to relay information about a proposal to trim or remove some of the area’s largest trees.

Last year, the Regional Airport Authority announced a plan to trim or remove some of the largest trees near Bowman Field to comply with new federal aviation regulations. Neighborhoods like Seneca Gardens and Kingsley have lots of old trees, and residents were concerned about what the trimming would do to the value of their property —as well as on air and noise pollution.

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3:34 pm
Mon June 4, 2012

Speaker to Address Louisville's Rising Temperatures—and How to Fix the Problem

Tree lined 4th Street in Old Louisville.
Census Data Wikimedia Commons

Louisville has been growing warmer. In a list of the nation’s fifty largest cities monitored by professors at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Louisville’s core is warming at faster rates than the surrounding areas—and it’s doing so faster than any other large city in the country.

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6:00 am
Mon May 28, 2012

Influx of Insects Could Cause Problems for Tulip Poplars This Summer

An old pest is causing new problems in the Ohio River Valley. The tulip scale insect has always preyed on tulip poplar trees, but the past two years of mild winters mean there’s a much higher population than usual.

The tulip scale insect attaches to twigs on tulip poplar trees, sucks sap out of the bark and releases a clear, sticky sugary substance that’s commonly called “honeydew.” The honeydew is annoying—it falls onto lawns and cars—but the real danger is to the trees.

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Local News
5:37 pm
Mon May 7, 2012

Eastern Parkway to Close for Tree Removal

Bing Maps


A two-block stretch of Eastern Parkway will be closed for several hours over the next few days. Louisville Metro Parks crews are removing four pin oak trees that are reportedly diseased and damaged. The department will close Eastern Parkway between Baxter and Quadrant avenues from 9 am to 3 pm Tuesday through Thursday. Traffic will be detoured one block north, to Edenside Avenue.