State Senate candidate Chris Thieneman says he is an eligible resident of the 37th District, despite a lawsuit that calls his residency into question.

Louisville resident Robert Walker filed a suit last month that alleges Thieneman’s real address is on the East End, well outside the boundaries of the 37th District. Thieneman says he has an apartment in a building in the district. On Friday, Judge Charles Cunningham told the parties he needs more information before making a final ruling.

Thieneman called a press conference Saturday to say he’ll get Cunningham all the records he’s been asked for to prove his residency. “There’s obviously nothing that we’re trying to hide and we’re going to give the records to the court as soon as we possibly can,” Thieneman said.

Thieneman is running against incumbent Perry Clark, a Democrat. It’s likely a decision won’t be made in the case until after Election Day. Cunningham has  ordered the Jefferson County Board of Elections to not certify the race’s results until further notice from the court.

Erica Peterson is WFPL's News Director.