Local News

The sudden closure of a famed Louisville restaurant, a small-town enacts a Fairness Ordinance and the legacy of a controversial Metro Council member who died this week — those will be some of the topics on WFPL’s Byline at 1 p.m. Friday.

WFPL’s Rick Howlett will talk to Louisville Magazine’s Josh Moss about his November profile of the owner of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, the restaurant which abruptly closed last week.

Howett will also talk to WFPL’s Phillip M. Bailey about former Metro Councilwoman Judy Green, who died this week. 

WFPL’s Devin Katayama talks to the city manager of Vicco, Ky., a small eastern Kentucky town that recently enacted a Fairness Ordinance.

Listen at 1 p.m. Friday at 89.3 or stream online at WFPL.org for these stories and more, including the latest in the Rubbertown series.