As WFPL's arts and humanities reporter, Erin Keane reports on the issues, trends, people and events that impact Louisville's arts landscape.

Every artist also develops a craft—those deliberate and perfected techniques and methods used to write a novel, shoot a film, create a sculpture or become a character on stage. 

On ArtCraft, you'll find reviews of plays, books and arts experiences, as well as the latest news and commentary on Louisville's arts landscape and a thoughtful exploration of how and why a particular piece of art works (or doesn't). 


2:32 pm
Fri January 3, 2014

Sound on Film: 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' 'Philomena'

Credit Paramount Pictures

Hello brave listener and welcome to WFPL's Sound on Film.

On this episode, our thoughts on Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street," starring frequent Scorsese collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as "Philomena," starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan.

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Arts and Humanities
1:56 pm
Fri January 3, 2014

Butchertown Loses Artists as Gallery and Theater Move West

The new Tim Faulkner Building in the historic Portland neighborhood features a 5,000-square foot first floor exhibition gallery and 12,000-square feet of performance space.
Credit Tim Faulkner Gallery

Right on the heels of gallery owner / art scene impresario Tim Faulkner's announcement that his eponymous gallery and studio spaces will soon move to the Portland neighborhood from its Franklin Street compound, where it moved in 2012 after it outgrew its previous East Market Street digs, The Alley Theater announced it would also leave the Butchertown neighborhood for a new downtown location. The Alley has made its home in The Pointe on Washington Street for the last four years. 

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Arts and Humanities
11:47 am
Fri January 3, 2014

Frankfort Park Seeks Sculpture for Summer Shakespeare

"Make It Writhe," a sculpture by Andrew Marsh, featured in the summer 2013 production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It," directed by Kathi E.B. Ellis at Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort.
Credit Gene Burch / Josephine Sculpture Park

Frankfort's Josephine Sculpture Park is home to more than thirty pieces of art, and every summer, they add a new piece through an innovative approach to integrating the arts. In each annual Summerstage outdoor theatrical production, a new sculpture becomes an integral part of the production's set design. 

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Arts and Humanities
4:26 pm
Thu January 2, 2014

New Speed Exhibit a Matter of Life, Death, Identity

A self-portrait in a series by Trenton Doyle Hancock.
Credit Trenton Doyle Hancock / Speed Art Museum

A new exhibition opens this week at the Speed Art Museum’s satellite gallery in Nulu.  “We’ll Wear a Jolly Crown” examines some of the big themes in American art – life, death, identity – through the work of a small and focused group of artists selected by Lexington-based artist and curator Aaron Skolnik. 

(The exhibition's title refers to the lyrics of a Beat Happening song, "Indian Summer.")

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Arts and Humanities
1:00 pm
Wed January 1, 2014

Frazier Extends Napoleon Exhibit, Adds Saturday Hours

Watch from "The Eye of Napoleon" exhibit.
Credit Frazier History Museum

The Frazier History Museum has extended the run on an exhibit of items from the private art collection of Napoleon Bonaparte.  “The Eye of Napoleon,” which opened in October, was originally scheduled to run at the Frazier through February 9, then move to Montreal, where it would open in the Notre Dame Basilica in May.

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Arts and Humanities
3:53 pm
Mon December 30, 2013

A Look Back at Louisville Arts in 2013

Credit lkluft / Wikimedia Commons

Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes … now that the earworm's in place, let’s take a minute to reflect back on the year in Louisville’s arts – leadership changes, success stories, notable openings, and moments of triumph for our local companies, big and small. 


The now-formidable Forecastle Festival almost doubles their attendance this year, with 65,000 over three days at Waterfront Park. What started as a little community festival more than ten years ago is now a major player on the national summer music festival circuit thanks to the strategic partnership founder (and captain) J.K. McKnight forged with notable production company AC (“Bonnaroo”) Entertainment.

Meanwhile, in the small-but-mighty category, the Slant Culture Theatre Festival (the quasi-fringe festival centered around Louisville’s independent theatre companies) grew exponentially this year, too, with intriguing programming like Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company’s two-handed salute to Paris’ Theatre du Grand-Guignol and Baby Horse Theatre Company’s riveting production of John Ford’s 17th century tragedy “’Tis Pity She’s a Whore” re-imagined with a death metal soundtrack.

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Arts and Humanities
6:49 am
Mon December 30, 2013

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft Opens Hands-On MakerSpace

MakerSpace is a new hands-on art activity experience at Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.
Credit Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

Museum visitors are used to rules. No flash photography. Use inside voices. Look, don't touch. But at Kentucky Musem of Art and Craft's new MakerSpace, touching is encouraged. The interactive stations are designed to connect patrons with the museum's exhibits through a series of hands-on art experiences.

“It’s supposed to enhance the exploratory art experience for all of our visitors by having them use their different senses,” says coordinator of educational programming and public outreach Sarah McCartt-Jackson.   

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Arts and Humanities
8:00 am
Wed December 25, 2013

Louisville Music Web Series for Kids Releases First Season of Shows

Jacob Duncan hosts and Will Oldham answers audience questions during a Liberation Living Room concert.
Credit Liberation Living Room.

Hipster children's music albums abound—everyone from They Might Be Giants to Bloodshot Records has cashed in on the laudable trend of non-saccharine music for kids. Members of Louisville jazz group Liberation Prophecy have taken the idea a step further with their 2013 project Liberation Living Room, a series of live concerts for kids by acclaimed musicians filmed for a web series—with nary a "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" in sight. 

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Arts and Humanities
10:00 am
Tue December 24, 2013

Ten-Minute Play Festivals Seek Short Work from Kentucky Writers

A scene from the 2013 Ten-Tucky Festival at The Bard's Town Theatre.
Credit Doug Schutte / The Bard's Town Theatre

The contemporary American ten-minute play is practically a Louisville invention – former Actors Theatre producing director Jon Jory was a champion of the form, establishing it as a legitimate sub-genre from the early beginnings of the Humana Festival, and the annual National Ten-Minute Play Contest is still administered by Actors Theatre. So it’s no surprise that several Louisville companies have developed a fondness for the short form.

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Arts and Humanities
11:58 am
Mon December 23, 2013

Sarah Lindgren Appointed Louisville's Public Art Administrator

Credit Louisville Metro

Pushing to increase public art in Louisville, Mayor Greg Fischer on Monday appointed Sarah Lindgren as the city's public art administrator.

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