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University of Louisville will appeal two of the punishments handed down by the NCAA earlier this month following its investigation of a prostitution scandal involving the men’s basketball program.

During a U of L Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday, Interim President Greg Postel said the university will appeal a vacation of wins between 2010 and 2014, including the 2013 National Championship. Postel said U of L would also appeal the forfeiture of profits from its 2012–2015 tournament appearances. Those profits could number in the millions, said Postel.

He said the university believes the appeal could succeed.

“This was not a knee-jerk reaction,” Postel said. “There is rationale to support it. And obviously if one is going to conduct an appeal, you have to have some sense that the appeal is going to be successful.”

The NCAA also suspended head coach Rick Pitino for five games, saying he failed to adequately monitor Andre McGee, the former basketball staffer who the NCAA says paid strippers and escorts to entertain players and recruits over a four-year period.

Athletic Director Tom Jurich said Pitino would have to appeal on his own behalf.

“He would have to do that himself,” Jurich said. “He can’t be represented by the same group.”

After the punishments were handed down, Pitino called the rulings “over the top,” saying he lost faith in the NCAA.

Postel said the university would notify the NCAA of its appeal before Friday. U of L would then have a month to prepare the appeal.

Kyeland Jackson is an Associate Producer for WFPL News.