Unbound Thanks You

Unbound is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Bachelors and Masters Writing Programs at Spalding University

We'd also like to extend a hearty thanks to Louisville singer/songwriter Bro. Stephen, who loaned us "Patrons of the Arts," off his album Baptist Girls, to use as Unbound's theme song. The very talented Drew Zipp designed our logo.

The following talented musicians and groups (most of whom are from right here in Louisville) allowed us to use their music in our episodes: Will Oldham, Nerves Junior, The Pass, Jubalson, Anthony Fossaluzza, Twin Sister Radio, Ryan Conroy, Omar Miller, Telephobia, Ben Arthur, Oskar Schuster, The Ladybirds, Blake Anthony, Funny Bones, Broke for Free.

And we couldn't have produced our first season without support from the following friends, who backed Unbound on Kickstarter:

Adam Price
Aimee Zaring
Amy Attaway
Amy Miller
Anagha Nadkarni
Andrea Brame
Andrew Shaffer
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Cindy Shepherd
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Dana L. Duncan
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David Wright
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Escargot Books
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