The newly elected majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives will visit Kentucky next month to help raise campaign cash for state House Republicans, who hope to takeover the lower chamber this year.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California won the leadership position last week to replace Virginia Congressman Erica Cantor, who lost his primary election in a stunning upset.

The fundraiser is scheduled for July 19 in Bowling Green to benefit the Kentucky Republican Party House Trust.

Kentucky House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover promoted McCarthy’s visit in a Tweet Monday morning.

Being majority leader carries with it a heavy responsibility to help the party fundraise across the country, which can result in the leader’s constituents feeling neglected.

That was Cantor’s undoing in many estimations, which may explain why McCarthy released a 30-second ad last week saying his highest honor is serving California’s 23rd congressional district.

Kentucky is among several states that are being targeted for a GOP takeover this year. The state is the last in the south with a Democratic-led House.

Democrats hold the majority by a 54-46 margin, but Republicans have been chipping away at that majority for the past two election cycles.