The eggs are hatching! Last week, I reported that there were peregrine falcons nesting in a box on the cooling tower of Louisville Gas & Electric’s Mill Creek power plant.  The female laid five eggs in February, and those eggs were expected to hatch last week. 

Around 6pm today I noticed some movement on the live web stream of the nesting box, and caught a glimpse of a chick. But then almost immediately, the female falcon was right back in the middle of the box, on top of the eggs.

This is apparently normal…right after the chicks begin hatching, the female falcon gets back on the eggs, sitting slightly higher, until all of the chicks are hatched. This could take a day or so, so keep checking back. Once all the eggs are hatched, they won’t learn to fly for about 40 days, so there will be plenty of time to spy on fluffy falcon chicks in the nesting box.

Erica Peterson is WFPL's News Director.