Local News

Sports columnists Eric Crawford and Rick Bozich are leaving their jobs at the Courier-Journal to join WDRB, Louisville's Fox affiliate. 

Bozich started at the paper in 1978. Crawford started in 1992. The two have become the stars of the sports page, even hosting a weekly show on the CJ's website. The show—which was typically a 40-minute conversation between the two writers on camera—could be a sign of what's to come, as WDRB reports that Bozich and Crawford will be seen exclusively on the station and read exclusively on the station's website. 

The most recent Bozich and Crawford web video is dated April 24th. 

This is a major acquisition for WDRB, and it comes at a time of high interest in both the paper and the TV station. The Courier put up its paywall last week and WDRB remains unavailable to about half of its audience due to a dispute with Time Warner Cable. 

The Courier reports that both the positions will be filled.