It has begun. A year-long effort to report on issues related to public education in the community. We’re calling it “The Next Louisville.”

More Reports  

The project includes more personal features, lengthy discussions, more context and as much data as the ear (and eye for the Web) can take.

Community Participation

Best of all, you can participate and have your voice heard through our Public Insight Network. Become a potential source, or just share your experiences with us regarding issues we’re researching.

PIN is meant to develop a strong community source base and to engage active community members in issues affecting the region. Plus, its free.

The project also include more public events that we’ll use to keep the discussion ongoing. Those dates, so far are scheduled for Mar. 7, Apr. 11, May 23 and June 27. Locations and times TBD.

“After the Tone” Hotline

Lastly, WFPL has set up a hotline for public school teachers, students and families. Think of it as a way to communicate and share your experiences while attending or regarding the public education system. If you need some direction here are some questions you could answer.

What went well this week?

What was frustrating?

What did you learn?

How are you doing?

Call 502-814-6560 anytime you want to share something and leave a message.

The Next Louisville project is a partnership of WFPL News, the Community Foundation of Louisville and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.