WFPL News on Mobile Devices

Public Radio Player: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

The Public Radio Player offers live streams and on-demand shows from hundreds of public radio stations. All your favorite network shows are there, too. You can listen to your favorite podcasts without having to download them at home first. And you can bookmark your favorite shows and stations.

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NPR News: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

NPR News offers two mobile devices: one that delivers news and live station streams to iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices; and a second app developed especially for the iPad. The app for iPhone, Touch and Android devices gives access to the best NPR text stories and audio, allowing users to create story playlists, and listen to favorite stations. The iPad app offers an immersive experience for users who want to browse and discover NPR news, music and arts stories. iPad app users can also listen to local stations while using the app.

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Streaming on Other Mobile Devices and Apps

 You can stream WFPL on many mobile devices and apps, by entering the URL for our stream into the app. Our URL's are below:

WFPL 96kbps stream:

WFPL 56kbps stream:

Streaming Reception

Some station streams with a high bitrate (128kbps) will perform best when using a wifi or 3G connection. Streams that are 56kbps or lower will play on wifi, 3G, or slower network connections like EDGE.