Local News

Each week, members of the WFPL News team spotlight interesting stories we’ve read and enjoyed, for your weekend reading pleasure:

Gabe Bullard: The Office ended Thursday. I was a fan of the show when it was new, but I drifted from it in the last few seasons. Still, I tuned in for this week’s finale, and couldn’t help but think of how different the show really was for so long. Alan Sepinwall has a nice write-up on the show’s legacy and recent decline. Read A Look Back at a Brilliant, Volatile Comedy Mix.

Laura Ellis: I’ve been thinking about this piece that examines how much digital manipulation is acceptable in photojournalism. When does it stop being documentation and start being, I don’t know, art? Editorializing? Embellishment? Are we weird to make beautiful images of awful subjects— or as the article puts it, “aestheticizing horror?” I will say, the photo they use as an example does look a little off to me, like a very realistic video game. But what do I know about photojournalism? It makes me glad I work in radio. Read Exploring the Boundaries of Photo Editing.

Joseph Lord: A while back, The Courier-Journal’s Peter Smith wrote about the struggles of Louisville’s Catholic grade schools. Now, The Atlantic writes that private schools—at least those that aren’t elite institutions—are struggling in a changing economic climate and with the growth of magnet and charter schools. Read Why Private Schools Are Dying Out.

Bonus: Google Glass, those wearable computers that are being tested out, have tech blogs are abuzz about. But innovation often comes with a risk—the iPod had doubters, after all. The Verge explores whether Google Glass will be the Next Big Thing or just a thing that happened one time. Read Will Google Glass Craete Information Heores or New Wave Bluetooth Dorks?