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The Kentucky Derby is American horseracing’s most prestigious race, but the $2-million minimum purse surely spices things up for thoroughbred owners with talented 3-year-old horses.

Not that those owners don’t pay hefty sums just to get to horseracing’s biggest day.  Of the 19 horses in Saturday’s 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, 15 were sold at auction at some point in their lives. Together, owners paid $2.7 million for these horses, according to records kept by the trade magazine Bloodhorse. (That’s not counting horses that were auctioned twice, by the way.)

Here’s an idea of what that type of money will get you.

Some of these horses auctioned in Kentucky, others elsewhere. The equine industry, including breeding and auctioning, is a part of Kentucky’s identity, and a study last year said it has a $3-billion impact on the state’s economy. 

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