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This may end up being the year of the fried hot brown on a stick at the Kentucky State Fair.

Sivori Catering, known for its fried food oddities, debuted the skewered hot brown this year. The hot brown on a stick is made of layers of ham, turkey, bacon and tomatoes.The combination gets hand dipped into batter before being deep fried and topped with mornay sauce.

Morgan  Kersnick is a worker at the booth where fair caterer Larry Sivori sells special creations.When she heard that this year’s “weird thing” was a hot brown on a stick, she was a bit standoffish.

“It just sounded kind of gross at first, but it turned out to be really good,” she said.

Here’s what some people at the fair had to say Thursday about the fried hot brown on a stick.

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The Kentucky State Fair runs through Aug. 24.