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Last week, Louisville Metro Police officials gave the Metro Council an update on the the VIPER Unit, a new team created about a year ago to address the city’s most violent persistent offenders.

Police officials told council members that the VIPER Unit has helped reduce violence. Murders are only one element of violence, but here’s an update of how the city’s homicide rate compares to last year.

In short: Things are about the same.

Louisville has had 37 homicides so far this year, according to data provided by Louisville Metro Police.  Last year at this point, Louisville had 38.

Here’s a map showing where each homicide happened in LMPD’s jurisdiction. Click the dots and you’ll find the victim’s name, age, the exact location where the homicide happened and that status of the case.

Thirteen homicide cases are open. Fifteen homicide cases were open at this point last year.  

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