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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh  

The 2008 session of the Kentucky General Assembly lurched to a chaotic conclusion last night in Frankfort with lawmakers leaving lots of unfinished business behind.

Section 46 of the Kentucky Constitution says regular sessions of the General Assembly may last no more than 60 days and may not extend past April 15. But both chambers kept working after midnight, after clocks in the House and Senate mysteriously stopped just before the hour.

Despite that, Senate President David Williams says lawmakers were not in violation of the Constitution.

“We dated and timed each one our bills and the constitutionality of some of those bills, if they’re subjected to questions, will be a matter for the courts to determine,” Williams said.

In a surreal moment just before 1:00 AM, when the final gavel fell in the Senate, members of the majority caucus gathered for one last photo and an earnest version of My Old Kentucky Home.

Among the major bills left unresolved…ethics and pension reforms.

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