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21c Museum Hotel founder Steve Wilson has stepped down as the company’s chairman of the board of directors.

In a letter sent to board members Tuesday, Wilson said he was uncomfortable in a corporate role.

“I am a creative dreamer. An untraditional creator. I am a nonconformist. All of these traits have served us well and have contributed to the DNA of the company. But, they are not what the company currently needs to build upon its past success and rise to the next level.”

His resignation is effective immediately.

Wilson founded 21c in 2006 with his wife, Laura Lee Brown. He remains an owner of the company and has “a vested interest in its continued success.”

Wilson was replaced as CEO by Craig Greenberg in September 2017. Greenberg, who had served as president of 21c Museum Hotels since 2012, added properties in six new markets including Cincinnati, Durham and Nashville.

Both Greenberg and Wilson served on the University of Louisville’s board of trustees before and as controversies emerged about the university and former president James Ramsey.