Local News

Indiana state officials and the US Department of Energy have announced the country’s first continuous corridor of biofuel stations.   It runs along Interstate 65.  Currently, stations that sell biofuels like E85, an 85 percent ethanol-blend fuel, can be few and far between.  However, only about 7 million vehicles currently on the roads are capable of running on these fuels.  Still, lawmakers and car makers alike see an opportunity to increase both supply and demand, according to DOE spokesman Mike Scarpino.

“We’ve looked at this kind of chicken and egg strategy; alright, we’ve got a lot of vehicles out there, lets focus our efforts on infrastructure,” says Scarpino.

According to DOE data, few so-called “flex fuel” vehicles are registered near the I-65 corridor.  But the DOE says it will send many more millions of dollars into local programs that help fund E85 and other biofuel stations in order to entice motorists to make the switch.