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The latest attempt to place further restrictions on women seeking abortions in Kentucky has failed. 

In early January, the Senate voted 35-6 to require ultrasounds for women seeking abortions.  But the bill has languished in the House Health and Welfare Committee, until now.  Rep. Jack Westwood told Rep. Joni Jenkins women should be given as much information as possible before getting an abortion, but there’s nothing in the bill forcing women to look at the ultrasound image.

“The nice thing about this bill is that we wrote in there language to specifically say that she does not have to,” said Westwood. 

“That she may avert her eyes?  That’s interesting language,” said Jenkins.

Derek Selznick of the ACLU of Kentucky says lawmakers should work harder to reduce the need for abortion, instead of making it more difficult and dangerous to receive one.  The informed consent bill was rejected by the committee 9-7.