Local News

by Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

The latest attempt by Kentucky House Republicans to dislodge an abortion-related bill from committee has failed.

On January 25th, the Senate voted 32-4 for legislation requiring an ultrasound prior to an abortion. One month later, the bill died in the House Health and Welfare Committee on a 7-7 tie vote. In an attempt to force the bill out of committee for a House floor vote, Republican Rep. Joe Fischer filed a discharge petition, which was shot down by Speaker Greg Stumbo.

“Every Speaker that I recall has taken the position that a discharge petition is not in order as long as the committee has held a hearing, or taken a vote, or moving toward a report on the bill.” he says.

Fischer did not challenge Stumbo’s ruling, which requires 51 votes. With nine days left in the session, time is running out on the ultrasound bill, which has been amended to several other House bills. None of those bills have been called for floor votes.