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The balance of power between Metro Government’s legislative and executive branches may be tested in the coming years.

Outgoing Mayor Jerry Abramson says the Metro Council has become increasingly assertive in recent years, and his departure may embolden the body to try to exercise more control over city affairs.

“I think the Metro Council has been wrestling with what is their role as a legislative body: what makes sense for them to do? What is micromanaging that they shouldn’t be able to do? I think they’re going through all those kinds of things,” he says.

Metro Government has a strong-mayor system, with the law giving the executive office power over many areas of city operations.

Abramson will be replaced by Mayor-elect Greg Fischer on January 3rd. Later that week, he will begin teaching at Bellarmine University. Abramson has taught classes before, and he says he’s interested in returning to academia.

“The good news is is that there are colleges and universities around the country that seem to think I bring some value to their campuses,” he says. “Should I not get elected, which I guess could happen, or should I get elected and four years is over, that’s always an option.”

Abramson will also spend 2011 running for Lieutenant Governor on the Democratic ticket with incumbent Governor Steve Beshear.