Local News

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson has returned from a White House conference with his fellow mayors.

President Obama told the mayors they must responsibly spend any money they receive from the federal stimulus package. But before the money can be spent, Mayor Abramson says the city will have to apply for it.

“There are some dollars the city will get directly, there are some dollars the city will get in terms of formula, there are some that will have to go through the state portal, and finally there are dollars that are set aside for competition,” he says.

Abramson is putting together a committee to decide how to apply for the money and which projects to spend it on.

“We’ll have representatives from the congressman, the president of the council will be a part,” says Abramson. “We’ll be working through that to ensure that everything is open and clear and we set the priorities appropriately.”

He says most of the money Louisville stands to receive will be for energy, housing and transportation.