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Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson says Kentucky needs to double its efforts to create clean energy and green jobs.

In a meeting with energy officials Wednesday, Abramson said the commonwealth needs to look to the future.

“We simply can not, should not and frankly we will not be able to keep doing things the way we have in the past.”

Abramson touted a seven-point clean energy plan Governor Steve Beshear launched during his first term, but he also admitted things have gone slower than planned in terms of implementing such changes across Kentucky.

“The reality is that as these changes are occurring we’ve got to be a part of understanding what is happening and get out in front of them in terms of strategies that are going to be there to respond to the changes that are in fact going to occur,” he said. 

Shortly after Abramson's remarks, Governor Steve Beshear announced a $7 billion, 25-year deal to sell Kentucky coal to India.