The Kentucky Commission on Tax Reform is planning to ask for an extension.

That’s according to commission chair and Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson, who says there are too many options for reforming the state tax code to fully consider by the November 15th deadline.

“I think at our next meeting unless we solve the whole thing in five hours I’ll probably ask the group to give me the authority to request of the governor an extension of time and I feel very confident we’ll be able to get that,” says Abramson, adding that the final report could be complete by mid-December.

“You know we are moving in the right direction. We just need some more time,” he says. “Everybody is working hard and we’ve been listening, we’ve been traveling, we’ve been learning, and now here we go…this is the big time.”

But the likelihood that the issue will be taken up in the next legislative session in January is remote.

“This is non-budget session…it’s called a short session, and to bring up any financial matters, you need a super-majority. You know, issues of taxes have winners and losers and generally speaking we’ll be doing well if we can get majority rather than a super-majority,” he says.

Tax reform legislation has traditionally failed in the General Assembly.

The next commission meeting is on November 8.