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Absentee voting in Jefferson County for the November election begins later this month.

State law requires absentee voting to be available at least twelve days before Election Day, but doesn’t specify a date. However, ballots must be certified before they can be cast, which won’t happen until the Republican National Convention officially nominates its candidate for president.

Kentucky Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Les Fugate says only certain people qualify for absentee voting, including those serving in the military and those who are too ill or disabled to make it to the polls, among other reasons.

“When you sign your absentee ballot request form, which is required to get an absentee ballot in Kentucky, you are attesting to the fact that you meet one of these conditions,” says Fugate, “if it is found out later on that that condition is false, you could be prosecuted for voter fraud by any of several prosecutors throughout the state.”

Fugate says Jefferson County is among the first in the state to open absentee balloting. It begins September 16.