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Louisville’s adult entertainment ordinance bans nudity at strip clubs and imposes other restrictions. But according to a Fox41 report, it may also keep conventions out of town.

The story presents the case of one visitor to the annual Farm Machinery Show who says he would rather stay home than attend a convention in a city without nude dancers. But he’s the only person quoted in the story who says he would not return to Louisville if the ordinance stands. No one else in the story has a firsthand account, though two interviewees offer anecdotes.

The argument over whether adult entertainment draws visitors is usually fairly quiet, given the cultural taboos surrounding the key issue. But the topic ties to economic development, and in many instances, it mirrors the debate over expanded gambling. While one side cites morals or argues that casinos and strip clubs bring a negative vibe to parts of the city, the other cites money, arguing that there’s a reason thousands of conventions are held in Las Vegas, and it isn’t the climate.

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