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Kentucky lawmakers are encouraging the public to give money to breast cancer research by checking box 36 on their tax returns.

A coalition of Democratic and Republican lawmakers, along with First Lady Jane Beshear, held a news conference today to remind citizens of the state fund, which was created in 2005.

“If just half of [Kentucky’s 1.8 million] taxpayers donated ten dollars to the fund each year, 9.1 million dollars could be raised annually,” says Representative Joni Jenkins, a major sponsor of the announcement.

Advocates of the fund say it’s helping in the fight to end breast cancer in Kentucky. And one state representative who won her battle with breast cancer, Addia Wuchner, says she hopes others will explore their options to help.

“So I hope two things will happen today,” says Wuchner. “That someone listening will think gee I haven’t had a mammogram, maybe I need to check that out. And secondly, they’ll remember to check line 36 on their income tax.”