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Anti-smoking advocates are touting the results of a new poll conducted in Indianapolis which they say makes it clear that most residents want a comprehensive smoking ban.

According to the poll, 70 percent of Indianapolis residents support a smoking ban. The survey was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, and pollster Patrick Lanne says the results are similar to those of a statewide poll conducted last year.

“It was very similar numbers in that we saw a pretty solid majority who supported the law and lots of intensity behind it and really an issue that cut across all the key sub-groups in the survey, says Lonnie.

Director of Advocacy for the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Kevin O’Flaherty says he hopes the poll will convince Indianapolis officials to pass a smoking ban, which may then spread to the rest of the state.

“The state passes a law after the state’s largest city passes a law,” says O’Flaherty. “Often times, the state’s largest city passing a good, strong ban is the impetus for getting the state to take action–other communities see it, businesses want a level playing field for a variety of reasons.”

A comprehensive statewide smoking ban died in the General Assembly earlier this year.