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City officials say they are still working to update warning signs in dangerous, flood-prone areas across Louisville. 

Flood signage at 13th and West Oak StreetKyeland Jackson |

Flood signage at 13th and West Oak Street

As of November, 23 out of 24 flood-prone areas around Louisville were updated with new signs and markers, officials say. Louisville Metro Public Works Spokesman Harold Adams said the updates have cost nearly $11,000, and said more could come next year.

“What we’re trying to do to increase public safety is make people more likely to, first of all, be aware of the danger involved in going into these flooded areas,” Adams said in a November interview. “Anytime that a motorist is approaching an area that is flooded, it’s not worth risking your life thinking that you can get through it.”

Adams said researchers are exploring whether to install depth gauges and locator signs at flood-prone locations. He said there will be an update on the new signage in January.

The signage changes were first announced weeks after Louisville cab driver Abdinasir Siyat drowned in a flooded underpass. Reports say Siyat drove into the overpass and gave the wrong location to emergency responders.