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In a ceremony Wednesday, the Louisville Regional Airport Authority dedicated the passenger terminal at the airport to Mayor Jerry E. Abramson.

Authority members noted Abramson’s work on the $800 million airport expansion in the 1980s. Board chair Phil Lynch said the project could have cost Abramson his career.

“A young dynamic mayor is in his first term as mayor of Louisville facing re-election the next year and he’s presented with a project that ultimately would result in thousands of people having to be moved from their homes and relocated, hundreds of businesses being relocated many schools and to name a few churches,” he says.

The project resulted in UPS establishing its Worldport hub at the airport, which Lynch says led to more than 140 businesses locating to Louisville.

The mayor said he was humbled by the recognition. A bronze plaque with Abramson’s likeness will be installed near the bottom of the escalators by the end of January.