Local News Next Louisville

By Sheila Ash

The global launch of the Muhammad Ali Center Peace Gardens was held Tuesday.

John F. Kennedy Montessori Elementary School in west Louisville is the pilot school for the gardens planned at schools around the world.

The project is aimed at teaching children how learn about diversity by building gardens with plants from different countries.

Principal Opal Davis Dawson says the students took part in every aspect of the garden.

“I know that we walked by classrooms and I saw (the students) peeling tomatoes, and peeling potatoes and then at the end of the day we’re going to have an opportunity to show that children can feed other children by donating all remaining food to the Dare to Care Food bank at the kids café,” she said.

Yum! Brands Foundation is providing educational tools plus $100,000 in grants to build gardens at schools in underpriveliges areas of  the world over the next four years.

Both Muhammad and Lonnie Ali attended the announcement.

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