Local News

An exhibit honoring the Tuskegee Airmen opens in Louisville Friday.

The traveling display was put together by Nicholasville resident Ron Spriggs. The Air Force veteran thought the Air Force Museum’s Tuskegee Airmen display did not do the troops justice. He began building a collection of artifacts for his own display, and Margaret Plattner with the Department of Veterans Affairs says most of them have been brought to Louisville.

“It’s a vast collection,” she says. “In fact, the whole exhibit—all the items he has, the memorabilia that he has—he couldn’t display it. So he had to pick and choose what to display that would fit in the space we were given.”

Plattner says there are other Kentucky ties in the display.

“There were, I believe, twelve Kentnuckians who served with the Tuskegee Airmen. So the exhibit does have a focus that deals with the Kentuckians who served,” she says.

The exhibit will be at the Muhammad Ali Center through the end of the month.