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Kroger hasn’t yet measured how much the company lost on ruined food after losing power at 17 of its Louisville-area stores in Sunday’s windstorm. But spokesperson Tim McGuirk says much the refrigerated and frozen food at those stores has been thrown out.

“We are just not going to take any chances at all when it comes to food safety,” says McGuirk. “In many of the stores that lost power, some of the temperatures of the perishable products were compromised, and in those situations, we don’t have any choice, we’re going to dispose of those products and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

Seventeen Kroger stores were without power yesterday, but all stores are open today.

McGuirk says nine stores are operating on generator power, and therefore can’t power their refrigeration units or freezers. Those stores are selling only non-perishable items.

Those nine Kroger stores are:

  • Holiday Manor
  • 2200 Brownsboro Rd.
  • 2710 W Broadway
  • 3039 Breckinridge Ln.
  • S 7th St. Rd.
  • Terry Rd.
  • Grant Line Rd.
  • Poplar Level Rd.
  • 5244 Dixie Highway