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The Parking Authority of River City will begin enforcing its new policy on parking scofflaws Monday.

PARC officials will now scan every car that’s parked downtown. If the vehicle owner has three or more unpaid parking tickets, the vehicle will receive an immobilizing boot, even if the car is legally parked at the time.

PARC director Cathy Duncan says revenue picked up last week from drivers wanting to settle claims before the new policy takes effect.

“A normal week may see around $4,000 in ticket revenue,this past week PARC saw around $6,000,” said Duncan. “But there’s still around 19,000 unpaid tickets that city officials say would result in millions of dollars in revenue if paid.”

Although PARC expects to boot many cars in the coming weeks, the city is ready, she said.

“We have adequate immobilization boots and we have adequate staff to make sure we are responding quickly,” said Duncan.

Metro Government faces a potential $42 million budget shortfall the next couple years, and collecting from parking scofflaws is one way to increase revenue.