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Allegations of racial discrimination against the Marker’s Mark Lounge and Fourth Street Live have led local activists to plan a forum this week to discuss their frustrations. 

A local DJ claims lounge management treated him poorly during a show earlier this month. The allegations aren’t verified, but an online petition and Facebook page were created to protest the establishment and what many believe to be reoccurring discrimination allegations at the venue.

Maker’s Mark is located in Fourth Street Live, which is owned by the Baltimore-based Cordish Companies. Cordish operates similar entertainment venues in other states and has come under fire in previous years in Louisville and other cities for discrimination complaints.

Community activist Theresa Boyd says residents need to address this long-standing issue locally now.

“This issue of racial inequality or discrimination at Fourth Street is not a new issue. It’s an issue that’s always been there and seemingly continues to be there,” said Boyd.

Boyd and her activist group Connected Voices organized Tuesday’s forum. She says the purpose is to give the community a chance to voice any frustrations minorities and others may have had with Fourth Street Live.

Local activists say Cordish representatives aren’t expected to attend Tuesday’s forum, but they may be interested in conversations following the discussions. 

The forum is at the Louisville Improv at 6:30 pm Tuesday.