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Former Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen has endorsed Republican Hal Heiner in the general election.

Allen won ten percent of the vote in the Democratic primary. His campaign was largely based on opposition to the Ohio River Bridges Project. Lately, Heiner has proposed building the project in phases, starting with the east end bridge. That would be followed by a downtown bridge and a reworked Spaghetti Junction. While Allen favors only an east end bridge, he says Heiner has been the most receptive to revising the project.

“He has demonstrated that he is willing to think through the issue himself. He is willing to open his ears and listen to other ways of doing things and particularly open his ears and listen to the will of the people of this community who seem to be shouting fairly clearly that they want something different.”

Heiner has recently said he wants to scale back the Spaghetti Junction renovations. Allen is the second Democratic candidate to endorse Heiner, following Shannon White. Two others, Councilmen Jim King and David Tandy, have endorsed Heiner’s opponent, Greg Fischer.