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A review of past Kentucky elections shows Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams is headed towards one of the worst defeats since the Reconstruction era in 1870, according to Smart Politics.

With Williams trailing Democratic incumbent Steve Beshear by 31-points in the polls two weeks before Election Day, national observers are paying attention to what could be a historic landslide.

The non-partisan political website authored by University of Minnesota political science professor Eric Ostermeier is forecasting an embarrassing outcome if the GOP doesn’t scramble before November 8.

“Unless Williams gains another 5 to 10 points in the closing days of the campaign, Kentucky Republicans will likely find their party sinking to depths it has rarely seen,” says Ostermeier.

When asked about the numbers earlier this month, Williams dismissed the polling in an interview with WFPL.

Ostermeier predicts the gap will close once the small group of undecided voters make up their minds. But other Republicans aren’t waiting for the results, such as former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who predicted Williams would lose in a blowout while other GOP candidates have begun distancing themselves from the top of the ticket.