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As Chrysler enters bankruptcy and General Motors restructures with government funds, Ford remains viable. That’s according to longtime automotive writer Jerry Flint.

Flint says if it continues to avoid accepting federal bailout funds, Ford will appear to be a stronger company to consumers than Chrysler or GM.

“It’s one thing to spend $10 on $100 on a product from a bankrupt company like an airline ticket,” he says. “It’s another thing to spend $30 or $40 thousand on a product from a company that’s going down.”

Once the economy recovers, Flint says Ford will emerge as the strongest, and possibly only domestic automaker.   He says that doesn’t mean there won’t be some downsizing.

“We’re dealing with a 40% reduction in volume,” he says. “Don’t worry about a couple hundred people being laid off in Louisville. Hope that the plant keeps going and anyone has a job.”

The Louisville Assembly Plant may lay off up to 380 workers, but is expected to remain open and begin making a new model in 2011.

Flint says he has no direct ties to the auto industry, but his wife owns some Ford stock.