A team of data analysts is recommending Louisville pursue public-private partnerships to help collect and organize data to help residents with asthma.

The team was paid for with a grant from technology company IBM’s Smarter Cities program. Members were in Louisville last month interviewing people and collecting data, and revealed preliminary recommendations today.

Team member Anne Fitzpatrick explained how the aggregation of multiple sources of data could help those who suffer from asthma.

“Now there are many things that go into keeping control of asthma,” she said. “But knowing the air quality is one of them. Air quality, particularly is important in terms of understanding what pollutants are out there that might be worsening a condition, or what triggers such as grass, mold, trees and weeds.”

About 15 percent of Louisville adults have asthma, which is higher than both the state and national average.

The shared data compiled by the IBM team—as well as the city’s yearlong Asthmapolis study—will provide another tool for residents with asthma to manage the condition. The final report is expected in eight weeks.