The 21st annual Floyds Fork Creek Sweep is tomorrow. Volunteers will boat down the river and climb along its banks picking up trash, in an effort to keep the waterway clean.

Teena Halbig is the co-president of the Floyds Fork Environmental Association. She says the annual cleanup is necessary.

“We like to do education and awareness and raise people’s consciousness about how when they throw something out the car window or leave something alongside the road, every time it rains it just keeps migrating toward the creek,” she said. “We need to take better care of our natural resource.”

Halbig says in the past, volunteers have fished items as diverse as oil drums, rolls of carpet and tires out of Floyds Fork.

Volunteers are meeting at Floyds Fork Park at 8:00 tomorrow morning. For more details, visit the Floyds Fork Environmental Association's Facebook page.